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January 8, 2013
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Jay, don’t worry about breaking wheels, if Guys like Dakota Roche don’t fold wheels jumping off of roof tops, then you will be fine. Room to move when your knees are bumping your belly is an entirely different animal. Our advice would be to get a 22” S&M Holmes. We recently tested that bike in the October 2012 issue of the mag and loved it. It handles like a 20” but with the room to move and stability some riders need. It is also super fast thanks to the larger diameter wheels and S&M offers a full line of aftermarket parts, including tires, tubes, wheels and forks to suite the unique size. Fortunately it looks as though more brands will be making 22” wheeled bikes as well, so the options will only get greater. If a cruiser is still something your interested in, S&M makes a Dirt Bike cruiser which is great for casual skatepark use, as does Sunday, with their Model-C. Good luck Jay, glad to have you back.


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